About Me
Diary of an obsessive developer

Francis Murillo

I hope you found my articles useful or helpful if you are here. I started this blog so I can practice writing and contribute meaningful articles. As a long time Emacs user, I wanted to reflect that in my design by making one based on my own Emacs theme. Built with Zola and org-mode, I proudly settled on a workflow and setup that is as simple as writing a natural org file although the CSS needs work.

Currently, I am a full-time Elixir developer for a small blockchain company proving and promoting its value. With my spare time, I study and dabble in Rust to get back to my roots as a frustrated mathematician or computer scientist. Other than that, I am a cat person, loves artistic movies, challenging video games, and well written cartoons.

Nonetheless, thank you for reading any of my articles and hope to produce more quality writing in the future.