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A DSL For Git And Projectile Ignore File

Creating a DSL for ignore DSLs

Convert Org-Table To YAML For Jekyll

Creating an YAML exporter for Org-Table

Using vlc With w3m

Online video browsing with an offline player

My Blogging Workflow Library

Refactored a library out of it

Inserting Relative Path

What do you do when you need to insert the relative path?

Automatic Prodigy Process Binding

Automatically process buffer key binding with prodigy

Best Flex Matcher

Or the smallest matching string you can get.

Analyzing Elisp

Making an Elisp parser just to see what code can be written

Summarizing My Articles

Imagine getting 300 emails a day... comprehension is lacking

An Unique Projectile Completion

Not really... but how about customizing it?