Wandering thoughts and tidbits
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Simple Page View Tracking with Cloudflare KV

Using Cloudflare's free KV storage to get page tracking

Firefox Extension: VPN Connectivity Status

Creating an extension to check my VPN's connectivity through its JSON API

Elixir Bit - Offline (Docker) Hex Mirror

Storing Elixir dependencies locally for more consistent docker development environments

Rust Bit - Borrow Multiple Struct Fields

Mutably borrowing multiple non-public fields from a struct

Rust Bit - Folding A Recursive Parser

Using iteration/folds instead of recursion in parsing

Elixir Bit - socket.io Client Websocket

Using websocketex as a socket.io client

Elixir Bit - Caching Docker Dependencies

Using mini_repo to cache docker dependencies

Elixir Bit - ISO 8601 Duration

How to represent durations for TOML configuration

Rust Bit - A Use For Deref Trait

How to provide a read/write interface for a file